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Dalila was born in France then moved to London for a professional career in International Business. She practiced yoga for over 20 years to help her cope with her stressful London life then she moved to Barcelona in 2010 for a complete change of lifestyle. She realized that from her own experience she could be of great benefit to people around her, struggling with their daily stress which affected their their body’s and mind’s harmony in consequence.
She certified as a Yoga teacher in India at the Vivekananda Ashram in Bangalore, lived in India for several months where she also learnt the technique of Vipassana meditation in Jaipur. She then went on to live in Costa Rica where she taught yoga and performed Indian Head massage in a Wellbeing hotel. She went on to live in Chile where she worked in an orphanage for a few months working with children between the ages of 1 to 3 years old. She also lived in San Diego and Philadelphia where she performed her yoga practice.

Once she returned to Europe, she set up as a bilingual yoga teacher in Barcelona where she teaches group and private classes at the W Hotel, at the Club de la Salut, at La Casa Fuster and at Centre Alfamar but she mostly works at client’s homes.



The main objective of my classes is to help the client’s wellbeing using various postures and breathing exercises this way helping to reach inner harmony to better deal with daily stress and improve general health. By seeking inner silence, we reach a space where we watch our body flow into various postures, respecting its limits because yoga is also about that, progressing at our own rhythm without judging what or how it should or shouldn’t be achieved

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