Are you having problems with your lower back or your spine? Do you have problems in your cervicals or your knees? Or do you see in your mirror that your shoulders are drooping? Your belly is sagging?


In any of these cases, Pilates could be what you are looking for. It does not require a level of flexibility, nor a certain physical state, only the will and desire to improve posture and heal the body and mind. In each session there are variations to postures according to your needs.


What can Pilates do for you?


Pilates helps to strengthen all the muscles of the body, especially the abdominal girdle and the lumbo-sacral area since it is the part of our body that maintains balance in each movement of our extremities.


With regular Pilates practice you can:


  • Improve and correct body posture

  • Help gain flexibility

  • Improve breathing

  • Prevent muscle injuries and help in rehabilitation processes

  • Help improve blood and lymphatic systems.

  • Tone the muscles and help achieve a more defined figure